NYTC is a Charitable Trust, and we're hugely reliant on the support of our community. Our benefactors ensure that we can continue to offer our high quality programmes, and make them more accessible to the wider community. Donations are applied where they are most needed, our number one goal is to provide scholarships to support those who would otherwise be unable to access our programmes. 

ALLSTAR - $250

Give the gift of a place in our AllStars school holiday programme. 

ONSTAGE - $750

Give the gift of a place in our 4 month OnStage programme, ending with a performance at the Aotea. 

SILVER - $1000

Giving the value of four places in our AllStars school holiday programme 

GOLD - $2,250

Giving the value of three places in our 4 month OnStage programme 

PLATINUM - $5,000

Giving the gift of theatre to a school - tickets and buses to see an OnStage production, and 5 full scholarships to selected students. 

By donating you become a member of our supporters group, and will receive regular updates about the Trust, exclusive invitations to our hosted events, and public acknowledgement in our programmes and website. 

You can either donate using your credit card by clicking the button below, or fill out the form to donate by direct credit and save us the account fees!

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